Summer training is in full swing and the dog are doing great!

Bruce ran the West Allis test in late July and three dogs under the age of two passed the Master test.  What a great accomplishment!  Way to go!!

Master Nationals are in Roseburg, Oregon this fall and the cutoff for qualifying is July 31st.  Bruce and his crew are working to qualify client dogs in advance of this deadline and make sure the dogs are rock solid in their skills before the big event!
















Retriever News 'Ask the Pro...' Article on Bruce Halverson

Link to Bruce's article in Retriever News, "Training Retrievers for Field Trials and Hunting Tests"

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Comments from Clients

"The dogs he started have become FC-AFC titled and qualified for nine National Championships..."  John Stracka

"No one works harder or smarter than Bruce. No one!"  Brian Campbell

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Crosswind Retrievers' focus is on producing solid Master Hunters and Qualified All-Age retrievers.  Bruce Halverson has built and trialed a large number of retrievers over the years that compete successfully at the MH level and/or win at the QAA level.  Many of the dogs he has started have gone on to attain their FC-AFC titles. His impressive track record is summarized below.

Master Hunter Passes 250/+
Master National Pass Rate (Qualifiers) -last 4 years through 2013; event average is 33% 61%
Master Hunters Titled 30/+
Qualified All-Age (QAA) 27/+
FC-AFC started Many